What Is A CPAP Pillow

what-is-a-cpap-pillowSleep apnea is a condition wherein an individual has an episodes or absence of breathing when sleeping. If no enough oxygen is delivered within three minutes, there will be a complication. Their brain and hearts are the major organs that will be primarily affected due to lack of oxygen in the body but thanks to a machine called CPAP which has the ability to deliver oxygen. The use of CPAP is very beneficial to all patients experiencing episodes of sleep apnea. CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure is used to deliver oxygen to the body even while asleep. The oxygen delivered by CPAP is distinctly higher compared to the room environment.

While CPAP is beneficial, it can also cause some discomfort while sleeping. The mask place on the mouth should not be removed while sleeping. Patient should also make sure that there should be no “leaking” of oxygen while using the machine. But if you are laid down on your bed, how can you possibly assure that the mask will not fall nor removed? Well, with CPAP pillow you are guaranteed to have a comfortable sleeping position even with the mask on. So check out http://sidesleepers.net/how-to-choose-the-best-cpap-pillow-for-side-sleepers/ to know more about CPAP pillow.

What Really Is A CPAP Pillow?

CPAP pillow is a pillow especially designed usage of people with CPAP device. As mentioned, CPAP is for those who have a health condition called sleep apnea. Basically, the one who will use the CPAP is sleeping, right? If you are sleeping and a mask is placed on your face, it would be difficult to find a comfortable position. But with CPAP pillow, you can sleep without thinking of CPAP mask. You can see list of different types of CPAP pillow at http://sidesleepers.net/how-to-choose-the-best-cpap-pillow-for-side-sleepers/. Now, you can sleep better without thinking of your CPAP mask.